Apply for any available rental property directly through the Available Rentals page.
If you are a new roommate applying to a current rental, please call our office at 503-929-5223.

Application Process

Step One
Everyone, over the age of 18 who will reside in the home, submits an application.
Note: Applications will not be considered complete until ALL residents in a group apply.

Step Two
Completed applications are sent to our third party screening service.

Step Three
Upon notification of application approval, applicants have 24 hours to pay holding deposit.

We need the following in order to process an application:

  • $50 application fee due for each Adult

  • Holding deposit equal to one month’s rent in form of cashiers check or money order

  • Fully completed, signed Application by all Adults

  • Signed Affirmation of Reading

Our application process may take 24-48 hours during which time we will keep the home off the market. If your application is denied, you will receive your deposit back, however if you are approved and you fail to enter into a lease agreement, your deposit will be forfeited for the benefit of the owner.

Please also make sure that the application fee, deposit and/or rent are submitted into three separate payments. Rent and application fees must be submitted via electronic Payments (ACH).

Forms & Documents

Rental Screening Criteria

Who Is Your Landlord

Trash & Recycling Information

Why Tenants Need Insurance

HUD Fair Housing Information

Fair Housing & Reasonable Accommodation

Reasonable Accommodation Form

Resident Renewal Update Form