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We have cultivated a deep knowledge of the diverse neighborhoods and personalities that make Portland a great place to call home. Our property managers are down to earth, experienced professionals who deliver the highest level of personalized service. We employ the latest technologies and creative marketing strategies to get your home rented. Our goal is to provide our clients with property management solutions that save our owners time and money. Our commitment to excellence, professional education and technology, as well as our ability to respond and adapt to market forces, gives us the ability to provide the highest caliber of service to our clients. Our clients work with us because we get it.

We invite you to get connected and join our unique network of professionals for a long and lasting business relationship.

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At Living Room Property Management, we help individuals and families get connected with rental properties that match their individual needs and requirements. We provide the resources to ensure that our tenants needs are heard and issues quickly addressed.

Our thorough inspection process means that the homes we offer are clean and secure. Our 24 hour emergency contact line assures that your home will be restored to a safe and healthy environment as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency.

Application Process

We need the following in order to process an application:

  • $45 application fee due for each Adult
  • Holding deposit equal to one month’s rent in form of cashiers check or money order
  • Fully completed, signed Application by all Adults
  • Signed Affirmation of Reading

Our application process may take 24-48 hours during which time we will keep the home off the market. If your application is denied, you will receive your deposit back, however if you are approved and you fail to enter into a lease agreement, your deposit will be forfeited for the benefit of the owner.

Please also make sure that the application fee, deposit and/or rent are submitted into three separate payments. Rent and application fees must be submitted via electronic Payments (ACH).

Forms & Documents

Rental Screening Criteria

Who Is Your Landlord

Trash & Recycling Information

Why Tenants Need Insurance

Tenant Move-Out Instructions

HUD Fair Housing Information

Fair Housing & Reasonable Accommodation

Reasonable Accommodation Form


I cannot stress enough how personable, reliable, and honest this company’s ethics are, and how committed to making things right should anything start to go astray. Your rental home is your equity, and your investment. They completely understand and treat it as such.
— Yvette Sheble, Owner

Who We Are

We are a group of dedicated professionals who are qualified to help you evaluate all your property, local neighborhoods and rental markets in order to determine appropriate rental fees. Our goal is to maximize the operating results of each asset through thoughtful planning and effective implementation of management plans, while preserving and increasing the value of your investment. Our clients work with us because we get it.

Our Technology

Our cloud based property management software allows our experienced team to manage your properties with the highest level of service. Our software not only provides great benefits to our office but we are also able to share many of these benefits with you:

Respond more quickly and offer excellent service to both owners and residents.

At any time and from anywhere, we are able to securely access data about all properties. Sensitive records are safely stored in a state-of-art data center which is automatically and routinely backed up.

Save time and paper by using email to send monthly owner statements.

The statements are organized in a concise and easy to read format that details the performance of your property for the previous month. We can also post these monthly statements on a secure Owners Portal.

Process and respond to maintenance requests more quickly.

We can quickly resolve issues by accessing vendor information and using electronic work orders for more efficient communication. All records are stored for future access.

Pay you even faster every month.

Deposits can go directly into your bank account using ACH (electronic payments).

Market your properties in more locations across the Internet, filling vacancies much faster.

Our integrated system lets us professionally advertise your properties on our company Web site, Craigslist, and other Internet locations.

Prospective residents can apply online with the click of a button.

Online applications are integrated with all vacancy postings. This means we avoid paper applications, saving lots of time and ultimately filling vacancies more quickly.

Residents can avoid sending rent checks by paying their rent online.

We avoid the time and expense of managing rent checks each month and this is a great value-add service for residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is my house ready to rent?

The condition of the house is key to attracting quality tenants. Your home must be professionally cleaned as tenants will be paying a non-refundable cleaning fee. Living Room prefers to arrange the cleaning to ensure that the cleaning guidelines are strictly followed. The carpets must be professionally cleaned along with all debris and personal belongings removed from the house.

Painting should be considered for any room or area outside that is dirty or has chipped paint. We recommend neutral colors. Living Room would be happy to discuss any needed repairs or painting with you. Neutral window coverings such as blinds or curtains should be left for tenants to provide privacy and safety. If yard service is not included in the rent, tenants are generally requested to maintain the yard in the condition it is provided to them. The yard should be freshly mowed, weeded, trimmed and the leaves and debris removed.

What is the average time to rent a property? How will my home be marketed?

The average time to rent a home is two to four weeks. Winter months are often slower, which may add additional time. We market the home as soon as we receive notice from the existing tenant and have permission from the owner to market their property.

Your property will be posted on our website, third party websites, as well as on Craigslist. Yard signs will be posted on the property for potential interest of people driving by. A Property Information Sheet will be prepared of your property with the relevant information and pictures. The information sheets will be given to anyone who sees the property and can be faxed to people who have indicated an interest, as well as anyone that stops by our offices.

Do you collect first and last months rent?

We recommend the standard for the Portland area which is about two months rent. It is generally preferable to collect the first months rent plus a security deposit. The security deposit can be used for any owner costs, vs a last month rent which can only be used for rent.

In addition, we take a refundable security deposit, the total of which is approximately one month's rent. We make the arrangements for the property to be professionally cleaned between each tenant. The Security Deposit is held in a Clients Trust Account, as mandated by the Real Estate Division.

Can I exclude smokers, pets, or children?

Living Room Properties prohibits smoking in the interest of protecting your investment.

Tenants with pets are a large majority of the market for rental homes. Pet owners are not a protected class, but allowing pets increases the available potential renters. Additional pet deposits generally run $200 to $500. If you feel very strongly about not allowing pets, we will agree not to show your property to anyone with pets. Children are under the protected class of "familial status. " It is not possible or legal to discriminate against anyone with children. Our application forms do not ask number or ages of any children.

What happens if the tenant does not pay rent on time?

The rent is due on the first of each month and considered late after the fifth. If the rent is not received by the eighth of the month, Living Room will take the first step in the eviction process by sending a 72 Hour Notice to either pay the rent or vacate the property.

If the tenant has not paid by the end of the 72 hour notice period, which rarely happens, the owner is notified to file at the courthouse for a FED (eviction) hearing, which is within ten days. The majority of evictions are handled without an attorney. The owner is responsible for paying the initial filing fees which are charged back to the tenant and should an attorney become necessary in a contested FED, the owner is responsible for all legal fees.

When do I get my money each month?

The rents are due on the first of the month and are considered late after the fifth. The rental funds must clear the tenants banks before Living Room can begin disbursing funds. The Real Estate Division requires two weeks for clearance. We begin the payment of bills on the fifteenth. We are able to use electronic payments (ACH) to deposit funds directly into your bank account.

How am I protected if the tenant damages the property?

To minimize the risk of tenant damage, a security deposit is required at move in. It has been our experience that tenants who pass our screening criteria do not generally create damages over the amount of the security deposit. Our screening company checks criminal, credit and eviction records as well as jobs and landlords. If there is additional damage then what is covered by the security deposit, the tenant will be billed. If they do not pay, the matter is turned over to a collection agency.

What happens if the tenant leaves before the end of the lease?

The tenant is responsible for the rent for the term of the lease. If they leave prior to the termination date of the lease, they will be charged for the rent until the property is rented out to qualified tenants under the same terms and conditions of the original lease. The tenant is also responsible for the cost of re-renting the property, 50% of one months rent ($500 minimum), as well as the advertising cost.

The owner is responsible for attempting to re-rent the property as soon as possible in order to minimize the tenant's costs.

Who handles emergencies?

Living Room will handle all emergency and non-emergency repairs. We will keep you informed, but you will never receive a call in the middle of the night.

Who handles the repairs on the properties?

We use license and bonded contractors who provide competitive rates that we have built strong partnerships with that are available 24 hours a day for emergencies. You are billed at the amount of the vendors invoice - we do not add any additional charges for supervision of routine repairs.


Monthly Management Fee: 8% of monthly rent ($75 minimum)
discounts for properties with 6 or more units

Tenant Placement Fee: 50% of one month's rent ($500 minimum)
includes marketing, screening, and lease execution

One-Time Setup Fee: $250


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Did you know that you can now pay your rent online? It's fast, easy, and secure, so why wait? Below, you'll find some information on how to get started and a few reasons why so many others have already made the switch!


Once you’ve signed up, you can:

  • View and pay your bills anytime (24/7)
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Have you ever looked at a calendar and suddenly realized that your rent was due that day? Or worse yet, that it was due a few days ago and that it was now late? With online rent payments, these concerns are a thing of the past. Simply hop on your computer and in just a few minutes, your rent is paid! Or remove all doubt and schedule a payment in advance so your rent is paid automatically. And this is in addition to not having to write checks, address envelopes, or find/buy stamps...


In a world where online financial predators seem more and more common, we understand if you have reservations about entering your bank account information online. But fear not! Your information is password protected and all transactions are both encrypted and securely transmitted.

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